Vendor Discounts

Save thousands of dollars of goods and services with your Pro Ice Society membership with access to the following amazing discounts offered by Jerry's vendors. The Promo Codes will be visible when you log in as a Pro Member.

Create stylish and easy slideshows in minutes.
Save 20% off a Professional subscription

Fundy Software
The new Fundy Designer v7 will revolutionize your album design and workflow. I love the creative control I have and the new auto design option makes album design a breeze for newer photographers.

Good Gallery
I chose Good Gallery to create my client web sites because it's a company started by an experienced photographer and SEO expert who understands photographers and their needs. The best compliment I can give is that if Apple were to create websites for photographers, this would be it. Good Gallery should be called "Great Gallery".
Amount: $149 Off Startup

Levin Frames
There is nothing like a print photo in a beautiful frame. Levin are the best!
15% off all picture frames

If you have to give the jpegs away, you might as well make them look sexy. Take a look at a collection designed by yours truly where a percentage of the profits goes to our charity, the Soul Society.
15% off run

Clean, simple and stylish website proofing solutions for professional photographers. Snapshots enables pro photographers to collect, showcase, and deliver beautiful images on one platform - from the smallest screen to the biggest.
30% off any plans

Triple Scoop Music
Triple Scoop Music's award-winning songs and soundtracks can help you to share your story, promote your brand, power your products and grow your business.
Save 10% on every purchase

Jerry Ghionis 5 Day Workshops
Members receive 10% off Jerry's 5 day workshops (organized by Jerry). You can access your membership discount after logging into the Ice Society with your username and password. After logging in, the member's price will automatically be displayed.