Thank you to Jerry and all those who have made the Ice society possible. I have gained incredible insight into working with people and making everything more efficient in the way I work... my last three weddings have been testament in that I've managed to pull more off in less time while shooting far less as well... the quality of my end product has sky rocketed. Up till now I've been running around with 2 off camera flashes mostly without an assistant working my bloody ass off!! I've been able to attain some fantastic images in the process (many inspired by Jerry to start off with) but thanks to watching Jerry I'm working simpler saving the complexities for only when necessary. I'm controlling the situation more which I always did to a small degree all the while watching potential shots slip through my fingers... seeing Jerry always capitalizing on those moments by arranging everything while still making the images look perfect and real has been a revelation for me, not to mention how comfortable he makes his subjects feel at the same time. Thank you!

Greg Lumley

Oh boy...am I in for a long night of watching and learning!! :} I have a wedding on Saturday...and will be utilizing as much of what I learned from Jerry tonight...he has changed my way of thinking about my business side and selling and i can't wait to get a new inquiry so i can implement it!! Thanks to Jerry for his amazing gift of communication and enthusiasm in sharing his amazing and very significant knowledge, not only entertaining, but extremely thought provoking!!! You are both very open and genuine and giving. Now to go Ice exploring!!!

Jennifer Parlanti

Prior to becoming an Ice member, I'd seen some vids, photos and interviews with Jerry and new he was an amazing photographer. However, after watching a bunch of the vids in Ice I am absolutely blown away by his talent and vision. I've also been surprised to see how much he does with natural light. I've been a bit of an OCF maniac for the past few years and his vids are making me re-examine my need for flash. Of course, having gorgeous couples in stunning venues helps, but the quality of light and the refined posing is available to anyone, anywhere and that's what I'm after.

Chris McCooey

Hi, just a small note to say that it was a pleasure meeting you and Melissa at the exposure show in Toronto. There were some things I wanted to say when we met but I guess I got a little star struck seeing you both just walking around. I would just like to say thank you for the I.C.E Society. It has altered the way I think and shoot. The information is excellent and applies to what I do and want to do. I believe this has played a major role in changing both the technical and artistic aspects of my shooting. Thanks again. It was my pleasure shaking hands with the very real people behind the site.

John Scarpino

I just wanted to write you two to say thank you for all of the eduction that you've provided me. I've learned so much from the Ice Society as well as the class that you put on in Boston. I've been putting everything into practice not only for my business but for shooting and album design as well. In fact, you two have helped me so much that this year I decided to enter one of my albums into competition in a statewide PPA convention (VPPA) and my album just took first place for weddings and events scoring an 86. I also won another award for highest score for a first time entree. All of this due in no small part to the help and education I received from you guys so thank you very very much. Thanks again for everything guys!

David Abel

Hi Jerry and Team. I will definitely be renewing my subscription to the Ice Society. It is very educational and inspiring…in fact the only educational tool I have really used in the wedding photography business. I find it helps me so much and the more I watch you work, the more I use your posing tricks and techniques and they are now becoming second nature. I hope your business is thriving and Melissa and you are happy and well. I attended one of your seminars in Auckland and it was the best money I have ever spent in the industry. So thanks so much.

Phillipa Karn

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the webinar. I joined the Ice Society right after and even after just viewing a few chapters it's been the best money I've spent on photography in a long time. I can apply lots of what you say about albums and photography to my work. Thank you again.

Karen Johnson

Why did I take so long to sign up to the Ice... Only spent an hour and totally blown away. Please pass on my congrats to Jerry for creating such an awesome portal and give him a huge smacker on the lips from England…Inspiring isn’t the word……Kudos. I’m only sorry I didn’t sign up earlier. Brilliant.

Neil Bowler

Thank you ! We signed up today. I didn't want to get too flowery before, but now I feel free to tell you that we are only still pursuing wedding photography because of Jerry's work. I studied so hard to learn the technical side of photography, to get good exposures and proper focus, and then I realized that wedding photography was SO much more than that. The rest of it scared me to death. So we started watching Jerry's videos, over and over again. We realized that wedding photography was about composition and emotion, but we didn't know how to create that. So we studied some more. Our work took a quantum leap. We still have miles to go to get where we want to be, but now we feel it's possible. I'm amazed that Jerry would so freely share what it took him a lifetime to learn. So thanks for your help, we still have a lot more to learn about creating beautiful memories. To my wife and I that's what it's all about. Sure, we need money to live, but we're wedding photographers because we love to capture a moment in time that can live on forever.

George and Gailmarie Jacobs

I just had to take a moment to let you know that becoming an Ice Society Member this last year was without a doubt the most valuable investment I have ever made into my business! You inspire me beyond words. Thank you.

Carey Ann Photography

Thanks for your help! I'm excited about seeing the new chapters, too! I guess I should warn you that I'm a raving Jerry fan. I get so much out of the Ice Society. My albums, my posing, the way I see composition, finding the light, so much else - I've gotten so much from the Ice Society and Jerry. The two best investments I've made in photography education were a WPPI Plus Class with Jerry (an unbelievable opportunity that I got so much from - some of it is burned into my brain and I can picture the class now, it was that good) and the Ice Society. I'm always recommending the Ice Society to my friends - because I know they will get great value that they can put to use to improve their business and their photography - I'm absolutely confident that the Ice Society will be a good investment for my friends! Thanks again!

Carey Huscroft

I just wanted to mention that I LOVE my Ice Society membership! I started into wedding photography just under 2 years ago, and one of my first purchases for education was an Ice Society membership. It has been so helpful to my growth and development as a photographer and I am so much further ahead of where I would be without it. The ability to watch and learn from my office, then go practice, then watch and learn, then ask questions... did I mention watching and learning. Anyway, thank you guys so much for taking the gargantuan time and effort into new chapters every month. I would say this service pays for itself as from the time I signed up until now, my price and bookings have gone up considerably. Thank you for pushing ahead with furthering photographic knowledge and helping to make this industry better and better.

David Buck

You and Jerry are quite a fantastic team for educating and inspiring photographers like myself. I am a figurative oil painter and was rather successful, carried by a major gallery in New York, before the great recession since 2008ish. To supplement my income, I began a crash course in photography beginning a couple of years ago, pursuing weddings and portrait business. During this time I have scoured the world for the best source of photography education and inspiration, and I have found the absolute best source to be Jerry, his Ice Society, and you, as part of his team. I don’t really have to look any further for education and inspiration than you guys.


Hi Jerry, just watched Chapter 35 and thought it was fantastic. Best chapter to date and incredibly inspiring!! My membership is up soon and sadly I can't afford to pay for it at the minute, to be honest I wasn't sure if I was going to renew it but after watching chp 35 I will definitely be saving up :) The Ice Society is the best place for photography education on the internet and to see that you practice what you preach by creating stunning images that seem only to get better is why I'm writing this email now. I'd happily say to anyone when asked "so who's your favorite photography, you know, someone who inspired you," "definitely Jerry Ghionis!" Your way with people is as big an inspiration as your knowledge with the camera. Huge respect for you, and one last "Well done Sir, FANTASTIC STUFF!" :)

Jordan Fraser