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Live Chat with Jerry and Melissa Ghionis May 31, 2pm PDT


A free two hour live chat with Jerry and Melissa Ghionis. This entertaining and educational broadcast is open to everyone and it's free to join in.  We will answer your questions and share valuable tips and suggestions about photography and business. We also have thousands of dollars in free gifts that we'll be giving away.

When: May 31, 2pm PDT (West Coast USA)

About Live Chats

Jerry hosts a live chat and Q&A where you can interact and ask questions for an invaluable source of education and inspiration. You are encouraged to ask your questions via twitter with your question starting with @jerryghionis There will be thousands of dollars in prizes given away during the broadcast. Pro members only will be able to view previous Livecasts. Free members will only be able to view the current Livecast.