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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Erin and Jeremy ceremony
  • Posing & Lighting - Plus sized couple
  • Advice
  • Ice Queen - Anna
  • Practice - Overcast sun
  • Tip of the Iceberg - A Successful Studio - Part 1
  • Icing on the Cake
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Let's kick off Chapter 98 continuing Erin and Jeremy's wedding day in Melbourne. This chapter captures many subjects we don't often cover so be sure to pay close attention.

Ceremony coverage is where we start off for the Ice Pick section and this is a treat as we rarely record this for viewing. Be sure to watch how Jerry captures multiple angles and perspectives in a photojournalistic fashion. 

This month's Posing and Lighting section is a quick tip continuing on posing plus sized subjects. Watch at Jerry carefully frames the couple using objects to bring attention to the subject's face and upper bodies. 

Our Advice section this month is based on the design of Peter and Pardis' wedding album where we left off on Chapter 96. Follow as Jerry focuses on bride's formals, the first look, and family formals.  

We are loving our New York session with this months Ice Queen, Anna. She was recently photographed in a Manhattan neighborhood with Pasha our male model. We hope you will use these images for inspiration on your next session. 

Flat lighting on overcast days can be tricky and that's why Jerry tackles this problem in this months Practice section. Check out how he uses the Ice Light in daylighting to give the subjects that extra punch to stand out in the final capture.

In the Tip of the Iceberg section for Chapter 98 we feature a recent article that Jerry did for Digital Photographer Magazine. He answers questions regarding opening a portrait studio. Read along some of the tips that might help you even if you already have an established studio.

To finish things off this month our Icing On The Cake section reviews a recent seminar portrait where Jerry photographs a subject using the environment to frame her. Watch as he directs his subject carefully using techniques that apply to many styles of shoots.