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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Natalie and Elvio Locations
  • Posing & Lighting - Plus sized couples
  • Advice - Album Design Part 3
  • Ice Queen - Natalia
  • Practice - Busy city locations
  • Tip of the Iceberg - Post production
  • Icing on the Cake
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Chapter 92 is here and with bride and groom]s individual coverage behind us we will feature location portraits of Natalie and Elvio's wedding. Using a beautiful country estate that the couple had rented for formal portraits, watch as Jerry was selective on specific locations where the light was best. We all feature a bit of bridal party portraits. Slow down and take your time are things Jerry will always mention during seminars and the Posing and Lighting section practices those things again this month. Getting the pose exactly right is crucial to compliment plus sized couples in the best way. Jerry will focus on upper body posing and then evoke emotion to avoid a static pose. The Advice section continues on this month with the next few several spreads in a complete album design. If you have missed it previously, Jerry is featuring a start to finish album design broken down into different sections throughout the past few chapters. Natalia is this months Ice Queen and we are excited to feature a session featuring her and Milan. Check out some of our favorite shots using only natural light from directly up above. Have you ever had an idea for a shot in a great location but it was crowded with people? In this months Practice section Jerry will walk you through just that, capturing images with chaos all around him yet you would never know it when you see the end result. We get emails often about our post production workflow and so we took decided it would be great to answer it in detail for our Tip of the Iceberg section. Find out what we do, who we use and Jerry's beliefs on post production. Speaking of post production, sometimes we want to add a little flair to the images we take. One option is with textures in post production, but what about textures in camera? Watch this months Icing on the Cake as Jerry will show you how to use different elements around you to create unique images straight out of camera.