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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Ali and Vicky: Location portraits
  • Posing & Lighting
  • Advice - Ali and Vicky: the wedding album
  • Ice Queen - Georgia
  • Practice
  • Tip of the Iceberg - Destination Weddings
  • Icing on the Cake
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We wrap up Ali and Vicky's wedding this month with formal portraits of the bride, groom and all of the bridal party for our Ice Pick section. Watch Jerry tackle these while dealing with a time crunch and high temperatures. Sweden is the location for this months Posing and Lighting footage. Listen to Jerry talk about broad lighting and short lighting along with posing based on a subjects features, ages and more. You have seen the wedding from start to finish, now listen to Jerry as he walks through the entire wedding album of Ali and Vicky. We will show you the actual couples purchased album and explain design and layout. Georgia and Matt are on this months Ice Queen. Check out the multiple moods these images portray from romantic to fun and edgy. Last month we showed you how to work with one location on our Practice section, this month we barely even ask our subjects to move. Capture multiple looks by changing angle, lighting, and pose. Destination Weddings seem great but are they right for you? Find out the Pros and Cons of shooting them on our Tip of the Iceberg. For Icing on the Cake on Chapter 88 Jerry puts down the camera in favor of a Microphone, but just for a second. Watch as he shows snippets of Vicky and Ali's wedding and features a reception shot that waiting for wasn't an option.