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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Monika and Jonny - Locations Part 2
  • Posing & Lighting
  • Advice
  • Ice Queen - Tracy
  • Practice
  • Tip of the Iceberg - Avoiding burnout by Jason Groupp
  • Icing on the Cake
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Location coverage for Monika & Jonny's wedding continues in the Ice Pick this month: Featuring bridal party and bride & groom portraits, you can see Jerry's images straight out of camera in the video and then the post production versions in the gallery beneath. As you might expect there is very little difference between the two! Posing & Lighting offers some great tips for posing bridal parties, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Jerry will also run through 25 different poses in just 5 minutes! Jerry critiques 10 individual member's images in detail in the Advice section.The Ice Queen this month is very personal to Jerry as is features his new sister-in-law Tracy and many of Jerry's extended family. The Practice section covers how to utilize something most of us are familiar with - concrete. Jerry explores several ways in which to make this common material an extraordinary background. Tip of the Iceberg is written by guest contributor Jason Groupp (Director of WPPI), he discusses a topic that many photographers working for longer than a few years will be familiar with - Burnout! The Icing on the Cake takes a brief look at using reflective light, specifically natural reflectors that you might find in the environment you're shooting in. Jerry also provides a few tips on how to get great emotion out of your subjects.