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Chapter 117
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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Simon and Sekha (Locations Part 2)
  • Posing & Lighting - Creating movement in a static pose
  • Advice
  • Ice Queen - Despoina
  • Practice - the progression of a silhouette
  • Tip of the Iceberg - Work/life balance
  • Icing on the Cake - Ideas on using the Ice Light
Keywords: , balance, bride and groom, couple, family life, far away, ice light, indoor, landscape, laying down, locations, movement, outdoor, posing, seated, sekha, silhouette, simon, work life balance

Here we are at Chapter 117 and we are so happy you are here with us. We will conclude some previous features this month and bring you some brand new content as well. Let's get right to it!

For the past few month's you have followed along with us featuring Simon and Sekha's wedding. We are finishing up their coverage in this month's Ice Pick section. This formal portrait segment was on their actual wedding day. You will see a variety of poses, backgrounds and even environmental changes with the heavy rain. Jerry was able to guide the couple through some poses where they were a distance away and could not hear him but could see his hand movements which guided them through the pose he was looking to capture. We hope you enjoy.

If you have ever had the chance to see a few of Jerry's seminars you will hear him say, if the moment is there, capture it, if it's not, create it. This doesn't mean that every shot will look posed, quite the opposite and you will see examples of that on this Posing and Lighting section this month. Watch as Jerry directs a series of shots that seem quite photojournalistic. The final capture is quite special.

Something BIG just happened and we are so happy to share it with you, our valued friends and Ice Society members. After 17 years of hard work, Jerry has finally received his AIPP Grand Master designation. Our entire team is so proud of him. We are featuring the images entered this year that pushed him past that line for the Advice section of Chapter 117. Listen as Jerry described the making of each of the images.

How often do we photograph our own family? Probably not enough. When Jerry had the opportunity to photograph his cousin Despoina he took it and we love the result. Despoina is our Ice Queen for this month. Take a look at some of the images captured during her recent trip to Australia from Greece where she lives. 

Don't give up, not when you know the final capture will be worth it. We will continue showing you progression to a final capture for the Practice section. Jerry will show you where he started and how he kept refining a silhouette image that he knew was worth fighting for. We hope you will keep pushing forward when you know it's worth it.

Work/Life Balance. How many of us struggle with this? I bet most of you reading this have your hands up. We get it and we will review this for the Tip of the Iceberg section. Let's have an honest conversation and talk about priorities and why you are a working photographer in the first place. What do you love more your work, or the reason you might be working in the first place, your family? We cover it all.

Before we turn off the lights for Chapter 117, we will turn our some more Ice Lights for the Icing on the Cake. Here's a continuation of where we left off last month using the Ice Lights in multiple scenarios. We hope these tips will help all those members who have been reaching for new ideas. If you don't own an Ice Light, we hope this will help you understand what everyone raves about.