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Chapter 112
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This chapter includes
  • Ice Pick - Shea Portrait session
  • Posing & Lighting - "Seeing" outside the box
  • Advice
  • Ice Queen - Kellie
  • Practice - Creating great portraits in a small space
  • Tip of the Iceberg - Keeping financials organized
  • Icing on the Cake - Great location, bad light
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If you have been a member for some time, you know we are always looking to bring added value to our site. As I write this summary of Chapter 112, we want you to know that we are excited more than ever for our next chapter! Now that I've teased you a bit, let's back it up and tell you what is in store for this month. 

We start off our Ice Pick section this month with Shae. Shae came into to our studio a few months back where, at the time, we had limited shooting space. As always, no excuses, with a big window for the main light source, and some foam board for reflection, beautiful portraits were created. Watch as Jerry progressed throughout the session using different sources of light including the Ice Light and refined poses until he was able to create this beautiful set of portraits.

Sometimes when I watch Jerry shoot I feel like he's on a scavenger hunt for objects to use and create unique images. Our Posing and Lighting section this month is another example of just that. Watch as Jerry uses available objects around him to create completely different looks in shots, straight out of camera.

Our Advice section this month features some of you, our valued "Pro" members and the images you have submitted to us for critique. Jerry reviews several images and offers suggestions for improvement and also positive reinforcement of what he likes. We hope this truly helps you grow as an artist.  

Have you photographed senior sessions or had a request for them? Want to make them fun and stylish? This month's Ice Queen Kellie, is perfect for inspiration. Watch as Jerry created a variety of looks in a short period of time which are great for similar scenarios you may come across. 

Great lighting, very small location, you can still create something great. Follow our Practice section as Jerry works with just a few feet of space. Though limited in where he could move the model, Jerry still poses many different ways creating a variety of different looks. 

Melissa is taking over.....this month's Tip of the Iceberg section. She's covering a topic that is a sore spot with many small business owners, finances. Take the time to read the information she provides and how keeping organized is the better solution even though it might take a little more time each day.

To close things out we continue the scenario we hear about often, finding the perfect location but the lighting is just not right. Jerry uses the Ice Light indoors to create some great examples of creating window light when it doesn't exist. He also talks process of posing and how not every pose works for every person. Don't miss out on this Icing on the Cake.